January 31, 2003

Health Care Issues in the 107th Congress

Holland & Knight Alert
Robert H. Bradner
At the beginning of the 107th Congress, several health care issues loomed large on the agenda.  In the end, however, relatively little was accomplished.  Action on health care issues was inhibited by the slow start to the new Administration, the change in Senate control six months after the elections, the September 11 terrorist attacks that overwhelmed the domestic legislative agenda and altered the pre-existing political environment, and sharp partisan disputes.  In addition, the re-emergence of significant budget deficits and the installation of an Administration favoring restrained domestic spending and lower taxes has constrained the resources and political support for some health care initiatives.  Finally, certain agenda items that were expected to be resolved during a post-election, "lame duck" session fell by the wayside when that session proved unexpectedly short lived. Robert Bradner has completed a memorandum reviewing the issues of the 107th Congress.

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