Independent Schools: Managing Budgets in Today's Economic Crisis

Holland & Knight Program
March 10, 2009
Holland & Knight
10 St. James Avenue, 11th Floor

With endowments in steep decline, annual funds trending short of targets, and an increasing number of families seeking financial aid, independent schools are facing extraordinary and often serious budgetary issues.

Join us for a timely roundtable discussion of strategies for achieving a balanced budget in these demanding times. Topics will include:

  • Managing tuition increases
  • Annual Fund strategies
  • Increasing revenue through auxiliary enterprises
  • Freezing salaries and the ramifications
  • Legal issues surrounding layoffs
  • Financial aid demands
  • "Plan B" options

Roundtable Panelists include:

  • Joseph Manory, Chief Financial Officer, Deerfield Academy
  • Marty Doggett, Head of School, Governor's Academy
  • Tracy Abedon Filosa, founder and principal of TAF Consulting
  • J.D. Smeallie, Chair, Education Team, Holland & Knight
  • Paul Lannon, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Harold Potter, Partner, Holland & Knight 

This program will be held from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. and is designed to be an interactive forum. If you have a question you would like to hear the presenters discuss, please email it to prior to the program and we will make every effort to cover the topic.

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