When Good Licenses Go Bad

Holland & Knight Webinar
June 22, 2010
Holland & Knight
31 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

In today's technology environment, licensed content for the Internet and software are fully integrated into a company's marketing and production businesses. Many of these license agreements have been tenaciously negotiated. Licensees cannot withstand having a license terminated because of the lead time it would take to substitute another product. Conversely, licensors are under pressure by their shareholders to maximize revenues and be assured that licensees are in full compliance with the license scope. Oftentimes, the licensor and licensee interpret the same license clause dramatically differently.

Program Topics

  • Grant of rights – what is the scope?
  • Pricing and support of future maintenance
  • Data rights and data migration
  • How are audits conducted and monitored?
  • How a licensing dispute is constructively and proactively handled – identifying the issues, negotiation, mediation
  • Planning for termination (e.g. use of the cloud, transition assistance)
  • License termination – where an amicable resolution is not in the near future (Contract claims, Infringement claims, Declaratory judgment, Preliminary injunction) 


Leigh M. Meaders | Counsel, IBM Americas

Richard A. Kupferberg | Assistant General Counsel, Verizon Communications, Inc.

Ieuan Mahony | Intellectual Property Partner, Holland & Knight

Richard Raysman | Technology Partner, Holland & Knight

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