Improving a Company's Profitability -- Monetizing Patents and Financing Commercial Litigation

September 21, 2010
Holland & Knight
31 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY

How can an in-house legal department improve a company's balance sheet? In today's economic environment, company's are always searching for ways to enhance revenues and reduce costs. How can a company turn its patent portfolio into a revenue stream? Often large companies do not want to file suit against their customers or competitors. However, by transferring ownership to a smaller patent licensing company, the smaller company can obtain IP revenue without tarnishing the reputation of the original patent holder. Today's legal budgets are slim. What are the alternatives to financing commercial litigation? Company's often have a meritorious and significant claim, but are reluctant to take the risk in today's litigation environment. There are ways to share the financial risk of litigation in return for sharing some of the upside rewards.

Program Topics

  • Maximizing IP Assets
  • Enforcing IP rights without diverting internal resources
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Transferring IP ownership in return for cash flow
  • Structuring Contingency Fees as a Commercial Plaintiff
  • Off-balance sheet, non-recourse financing for corporate claims
  • Risk mitigation strategies to supplement internal litigation budgets
  • Efficient structuring of claims portfolios to hedge litigation risks 


Richard Fields | CEO, Juridica Capital Management Ltd.

Jeff Ronaldi | CEO, Turtle Bay Technologies

Francesca Morris | Partner, Holland & Knight

Richard Raysman | Partner, Holland & Knight

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Holland & Knight is an approved provider in several CLE jurisdictions, including Illinois, New York and California. Application will be made for CLE credit to all jurisdictions whose rules will allow credit for this program. Please note that for NY attorneys, this program is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced attorneys.

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