Protecting Your Brand: Trademark Litigation for Increasing Profits

January 26, 2011
Holland & Knight
31 W. 52nd Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10019
In today's trademark environment, the value of a brand has taken on even more importance for a successful company. Brand names are fully integrated into a company's marketing and production businesses. Trademarks and Trade names are under attack on the Internet. Counterfeiters are trading off of established marks while competitors squabble over ownership of common law trademarks and trade secrets. Dilution is rampant. Licensees often fail to live up to their quality commitments. Frequently, the licensor and licensee interpret the same license clause dramatically differently. This program will address the following:

  • International Issues
  • Dilution from the Internet
  • Key word litigation
  • Profitability Model
  • Enforcement Strategies
  • Quality Control
  • Remedies
  • Tiffany v. eBay
  • Rosetta Stone v. Google
  • International Protection


Robin L. French | Senior Counsel, KPMG International

Francesca Morris | Partner, Holland & Knight

Richard Raysman | Partner, Holland & Knight

Andres N. Madrid | Patent and Trademark Counsel, Conair Corporation

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