EPA Greenhouse Gas Emission Guideline Updates for 2011

ExecSense Webinar
March 10, 2011
Webinar (EST)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Partner Stephen Humes will lead an ExecSense Webinar titled "EPA Greenhouse Gas Emission Guideline Updates for 2011."

Mr. Humes will address the EPA's new regulatory guidance intended to help states' air pollution regulators and heavy industry evaluate the cost and kind of technologies that would best reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He will focus on the following:

  • the EPA's greenhouse gas emission guidelines, including the requirement that companies planning large new facilities or big changes to existing facilities employ "best available control technology" to curb GHG emissions, and the instructions for regulators to focus first and foremost on energy efficiency, which would cut greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of carbon-intensive fuels
  • the impact of the GHG emission guidelines on businesses with new or modified facilities, including practical advice on what should be done right now to be in a position to comply with the new rules
  • 10 questions most asked by environmental lawyers and their clients about what they need to start doing right now to prepare for the new GHG emission requirements
  • case studies of what other environmental lawyers are already doing to prepare for the impact of the new GHG emission requirements and important lessons learned

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