Powerful Witness Preparation

Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia
CLE Available, Seminar
December 19, 2012
7:45 AM - 3:30 PM ET
State Bar of Georgia Headquarters
104 Marietta St. NW
Atlanta, GA

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner Dan Small will speak at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia National Speaker Series titled "Powerful Witness Preparation."

Every caring lawyer involved in litigation has experienced the stress (trauma?) of wondering and worrying about witness testimony. Powerful Witness Preparation provides a modern prescription for persuasive verbal and non-verbal witness communications that will benefit every lawyer—regardless of experience (or inexperience).

Program Highlights

  • improve your witness preparation skills to help your client perform as a genuine asset to your case
  • discover why preparation is crucial
  • learn how to teach your client the basic principles of testifying
  • help your client understand that they have the right, the responsibility and the tools to take control of their own testimony
  • know why the questioner usually has the advantage and how to level the playing field
  • help your client avoid most of the common witness mistakes

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