The Ethics of Witness Preparation

ALI-CLE Video Webcast
December 14, 2012
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner Dan Small will speak at a ALI-CLE Video Webcast titled "The Ethics of Witness Preparation."

Preparing witnesses is essential to effective, zealous representation. However, even for seasoned litigators, the issues can be tough.  The process itself invites ethical catastrophe.  As a result, too many lawyers shy from the challenge and find excuses to avoid extensive preparation, or limit their preparation to a standard "Witness 101" speech.   Neither choice is acceptable.

Mr. Small will discuss how to prepare strong witnesses without crossing the ethical line as he explores:

  • the real nature and purpose of powerful witness preparation
  • the line between coaching and preparation
  • the "translator" model
  • acceptable preparation practices
  • the perjury dilemma
  • proper deposition conduct and preparation
  • and more!

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