Legal and Tax Considerations for Doing Business in the United States

Málaga Chamber of Commerce
March 12, 2024
Digital Business Hub Granada
Cam. de Rda., 97, Ronda
Private Wealth Services attorney Eduardo Arista will be speaking at an upcoming seminar providing a comprehensive introduction to the U.S. legal and tax system, specifically tailored for Spanish companies looking to operate within the United States. This seminar will cover a broad range of critical topics, including an overview of the U.S. legal and tax obligations, key considerations for compliance and strategies for Spanish companies to optimize their tax planning. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into managing legal risks and liabilities, with a focus on the importance of protecting intellectual property and efficiently handling legal agreements and contracts. The session will also delve into real estate investment strategies in the U.S., highlighting effective structures for tax efficiency. This event is a must-attend for Spanish companies aiming to navigate the complexities of the U.S. market successfully.

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