May 19, 2021

Inside Dallas Eviction Court: Pro Bono Lawyers Help Tenants Stay in Homes During Pandemic

CBS News

Dallas Partner Mark Melton was interviewed by CBS News about his pro bono work representing tenants facing eviction throughout the pandemic. More than 34,000 evictions have been filed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since the onset of the pandemic, with more expected once the nationwide moratorium expires June 30, 2021. Against this backdrop, Mr. Melton and nearly 200 other attorneys formed Dallas Eviction 2020 to provide pro bono assistance to those facing eviction, and they have helped more than 7,000 tenants. Through donations, the group has helped families pay back rent and hire legal representation. Mr. Melton commented that although the caseload can seem overwhelming, his own experience with homelessness at age 21 drives him to continue the group's efforts.

"When I get these phone calls, all these people and, you know, they're going through that right now, it takes me back to that place. And it's just, I can't say no," he said.

Duration: 2:44

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