January 9, 2023

McCarthy Leadership Test, Biden Border Policy (Radio)

Bloomberg Law

Immigration attorney Leon Fresco spoke on a Bloomberg Law Podcast episode about President Joe Biden's trip to the U.S. and Mexico border. Mr. Fresco said that it is important for the president to be on the ground and see what is happening for himself. He also discussed the motives for the president traveling to Mexico. He described that the goal of this visit as a way to show Mexico what the U.S. can provide with the support of a new policy to aid the border crisis. Mr. Fresco said he believes that any new proposed policy's overall success relies on its scalability. Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has different ideas on how to handle the border crisis. Mr. Fresco defined what Governor Abbott means when he says he wants to enforce the laws already on the books.

Duration: 40:38

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