September 29, 2023

Monica Vila Castro Discusses the Importance of Embracing Your Background and Learning from It

Holland & Knight Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight Series

Holland & Knight's Diversity Council and Hispanic Affinity Group are proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and pay tribute to the generations of Hispanics who have enriched America's history and continue to play a role in its future success. Since last year, we have taken time to speak to some of our Hispanic attorneys, who have shared their stories with us. We now present the 2023 video series showcasing some of these conversations. We hope that the stories conveyed in these videos inspire those struggling with recognizing their roots and shine light on the contributions that Hispanics have provided to the United States.

In this video, Miami Partner Monica Vila Castro talks about her parents' experience coming to the United States from Cuba and starting from scratch to provide her and her sister with better opportunities. She also discusses how she celebrates her roots and embraces her Cuban background in her everyday life. Ms. Castro emphasizes the importance in embracing your identity and using it as a strength to build your character and future.

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