November 29, 2023

Kayla Gebeck Carroll Discusses the Importance of Representation in Literature

Holland & Knight Native American Heritage Month Spotlight Series

At Holland & Knight, we strive to develop an organization where all individuals, especially those from underrepresented communities, can have and see a path to success. In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we hosted conversations with employees from across the firm to listen to their stories about their Native American heritage, upbringing and experience. These conversations highlighted the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and histories of Native American and Alaska Native people as well as recognized their important contributions. We hope that these stories help educate others about Native American Heritage Month and honor our Native American friends, family and colleagues.

For the fourth episode of this series we spoke with Kayla Gebeck Carroll, an associate from our Washington, D.C., office. Kayla talks about her Indigenous roots and traditions. As a book lover, Kayla, along with two other friends, formed the Well-Read Native book club to build a community of readers throughout Indian Country and beyond who believe in the impact of books. She talks about her experiences growing up as a Native American and what she wishes for her daughter and other young people.

This episode was filmed in 2021.

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