November 20, 2023

Texas Moves to Enact Immigration Laws

Bloomberg Law Podcast

Immigration attorney Leon Fresco was featured on the Bloomberg Law Podcast discussing Texas' efforts to enact stricter statewide immigration legislation. Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced the state will enact a law allowing police officers to arrest an individual they witness crossing the border illegally. Mr. Fresco explained the move is similar to one Arizona attempted in 2011, which led to the U.S. Supreme Court case Arizona v. United States; in that case, the court ruled the state law was preempted by federal law and could not stand. He added that through legal challenges to the Texas law, today's court could potentially revisit the decision, and he speculated on potential rulings. He also summarized two Supreme Court cases from last year that concerned whether and how states can enforce immigration laws and policies without federal preemption.

Duration: 37:05 (Mr. Fresco's interview begins at 16:16)

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