November 1, 1999

Florida Wills & Trusts

Rick Stockton | Edward F. Koren

Many practitioners have sought a software program that facilitates the practice of law. Numerous attempts to produce technology that supports the efficient drafting of high quality and accurate documents have fallen short. Last year, we became aware of technology that seemed to deliver on the promise. Since January, we have been working with Lawgic® Publishing's Intelligent Legal Technology®, to develop Florida Wills & Trusts, which we believe achieves that goal.

This unique technology allowed us to integrate into an easy-to-use software product the experience we have gained over many years of practice. The program's built-in intelligence presents relevant choices and alternative approaches during the document drafting process. This will assist you in creating highly customized documents that are tailored to your client's specific circumstances. The ease of use and efficient process will help control the costs of practice and keep its delivery affordable.

While guiding you through the client data entry process and the presentation of relevant issues, the software informs your decision making with on-point legal strategy that we have provided. This ensures that the resulting document is complete, accurate, and meets the client's needs. Lawgic also supports its subscribers by providing content updates, program enhancements, telephone training, and toll-free technical support.

We feel so strongly about the benefits that this program provides we have made it an integral part of our practice. We highly recommend it to any practitioner interested in producing high quality documents affordably. You can learn more about this product by contacting Lawgic at 1-800-9-LAWGIC (952-9442) to arrange for a free demonstration. Alternatively, you may visit their web site at In either case, we believe it will be well worth your time.

Best regards, 

Ed Koren     

John Arthur Jones

Bruce Stone

Rick Stockton      

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