November 14, 2006

The Essential Guide to Housing Credit Compliance, Second Edition

National Council of State Housing Agencies
Anthony S. Freedman

This long-awaited second edition contains all the information Housing Credit property owners, managers, and state agencies need to understand and meet compliance responsibilities. It incorporates a detailed analysis of all relevant Housing Credit guidance published since the first edition of the book, including final IRS regulations on compliance monitoring and the available unit rule.

The second edition includes significantly expanded coverage of critical compliance issues such as habitability inspections, Fair Housing, noncompliance correction, and termination of low-income use. It also covers legislative amendments to the Credit program, state agency recommended practices, and important form revisions. The guide provides an exclusive and comprehensive preview of what to expect from the IRS’ forthcoming and critically important Compliance Guide.

The book contains an enhanced appendix including all relevant IRS guidance and forms, sample documents and certifications, and other valuable references. The second edition’s significant footnotes and extensive index make it an indispensable reference and research tool.

The "The Essential Guide to Housing Credit Compliance, Second Edition," is published by the National Council of State Housing Agencies. 

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