September 15, 2010

Trust the markets – it's time for banks to start lending again

Daily Business Review
Jose Sirven
Practice Group Leader of the Financial Services Group Jose Sirven authored a Daily Business Review article titled, "Trust the markets – it’s time for banks to start lending again."

Banks claim they are ready, willing, and able to lend again, but they are not lending. Bank regulators claim they are encouraging banks to lend, but micro-managing bank examiners are criticizing, with 20/20 hindsight, the reasonable actions taken by banks when times were good. While many large corporations are awash in cash reserves, small businesses are desperate for working capital financing. In the article, Mr. Sirven outlines a few basic suggestions to sustain the United States economy by encouraging community banks to get back into the lending business.

As an accompaniment to the article, Mr. Sirven was interviewed by DBR Editor-In-Chief David Lyons for dbrTV. This interview can be viewed on the Daily Business Review website.

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