February 14, 2013

Holland & Knight Data Privacy and Security Alert: White House Issues Cybersecurity Executive Order

Every Sector of the U.S. Economy Will Potentially Be Affected
Holland & Knight Privacy Blog
Christopher DeLacy | Joel E. Roberson | Jason Klitenic

The long-awaited cybersecurity executive order (EO), which will ultimately establish national cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure, was issued by President Obama on February 12, 2013. At the same time, the White House issued a Presidential Policy Directive/PPD 21, which further advances the White House cybersecurity policy.

This EO and accompanying policy directive are intended to launch a multi-year standards-setting, regulatory and legislative process that will result in new cybersecurity standards, regulations, information-sharing channels, and changes in liability for critical infrastructure and government contractors.

This alert discusses important aspects about the EO, such as why it matters, what it does, the next steps and why legislation is needed.

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