June 13, 2016

Will Top Law Firms Become Software Companies?

Josias N. Dewey

Contracts and the law itself represent the logic that governs the relationship of two or more people. Whether the relationship consists of a buyer and seller of an office building, a debtor and creditor or a major financial institution and its regulator, those relationships can all be distilled into a series of if/then and other logic operations. Any reader who has even a basic understanding of computer programming will immediately see the similarities between these relationships and coding. My suspicion is that the evolution of the legal profession over the next 5 to 10 years is likely to dwarf the last 18 (or 100 for that matter). In fact, to call it an evolution is probably misleading—utter disruption is probably a much better description of what is to come.

READ: Will Top Law Firms Become Software Companies?

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