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October 22, 2015

'Back to the Future' creators foresaw media drones of near-future


In the 1989 movie Back to the Future: Part II, a USA TODAY camera drone is seen hovering on screen to capture the moment as some of the movie's characters are arrested.  

Fast forward to 2015, and that technological prediction came true. Drones are a reality—but a drone used for newsgathering? It has begun and Holland & Knight is helping to bring the technology to fruition.

The Federal Aviation Administration still prohibits the commercial use of drones but has provided exemptions for users who agree not to fly them in restricted areas, such as airports, and not over people, said attorney Joel Roberson. 

Nearly 2,000 companies have received exemptions so far, including some media companies. “It is starting to happen, and it’s going to only expand,” Mr. Roberson said.

Holland & Knight represents several major U.S. media companies partnering with Virginia Tech in the interest of testing small drones for newsgathering.

READ: 'Back to the Future' creators foresaw media drones of near-future

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