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September 27, 2018

Man Linked to Relatives' Deaths Questions Accusers at Hearing


Litigation partner Dan Small was interviewed regarding his representation of Valerie Santilli, as the executor of her late father's estate, in probate court related to her nephew's request to have $150,000 released from a smaller trust so he can defend himself in a civil lawsuit. Nathan Carman has been accused by Ms. Santilli, and the rest of his family, of murdering his grandfather and mother in order to receive a multi-million dollar inheritance.

"The issue before the court is not whether the people who know Nathan Carman best, his family, have come to the terrible conclusion that he is a killer and that he killed his grandfather, that’s not the issue here,” Mr. Small said. “His grandfather believed he was a genius. An IQ of 140. But he also knew that he was obsessed with money, wanted expensive things, squandered things and also knew he was not responsible, not finishing school not keeping a job, so in 2011 he set up this trust."

A judge will determine if the trust can release the money, given the unsolved murder case.

READ: Man Linked to Relatives' Deaths Questions Accusers at Hearing

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