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January 20, 2019

Who Is a Women’s College For?

As transgender students claim their space, traditionalists see an identity crisis
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Labor & Employment Law Partner Paul Lannon was quoted in a article by The Chronicle of Higher Education on determining whether transgender students can attend a "women's college" without violating Title IX. The article discusses the history of Mount Holyoke College, the oldest of the prestigious Seven Sisters, which has created a revolutionary admission policy to be more inclusive. Mr. Lannon, a member of the firm's Education Team, was the attorney that Mount Holyoke hired in 2013 to review its options for expanding its admissions policy.

At the time, “the refrain was, ‘Oh, we can’t admit anyone who’s a male because of Title IX,’” says Mr. Lannon.

“They can admit trans women, and they can admit trans men, without violating Title IX,” Mr. Lannon says. “That myth has been debunked.”

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