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July 17, 2020

Harvard, Duke, Other Schools Turn to Big Law in Virus Suits

Bloomberg Law

Co-chair of the Education Practice Paul Lannon was cited in a Bloomberg Law article about higher education institutions turning to Big Law to defend against a flood of coronavirus-fueled lawsuits that seek millions in refunds of tuition and fees, and to help rewrite the rules of campus life. Colleges and universities are being confronted with potentially massive bills as hundreds of students try to recoup their room-and-board expenses from the spring semester truncated by the virus outbreak. Others are looking for a refund on at least a portion of tuition and fees, citing the absence of face-to-face instruction.

“The pandemic has accelerated the volume and frequency of our work,” said Mr. Lannon. “Our work is exploding around COVID issues, which affects so many aspects of campus life.”

READ: Harvard, Duke, Other Schools Turn to Big Law in Virus Suits

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