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April 27, 2021

Dallas Lawyer Takes Up Mission To Help People Avoid Eviction

Associated Press

Dallas Partner Mark Melton spoke with the Associated Press about his nonprofit, the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center, which he created to provide pro bono legal services to people facing eviction during the coronavirus pandemic. Since its inception, he has recruited over 175 attorneys who have assisted more than 6,000 people. His team has helped renters understand the protections put in place to temporarily stop evictions and how to access government funds to pay rent. They’ve found themselves doing everything from negotiating with landlords to representing renters in court to helping them get groceries.

Mr. Melton said he can identify with the helplessness those facing eviction feel because he’s been there himself. "I relate to that sense of just complete and utter desperation and the necessity to rely on the charity of others just to get the most basic of things. It truly breaks my heart."

READ: Dallas Lawyer Takes Up Mission To Help People Avoid Eviction

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