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March 24, 2022

Holland & Knight Adds Tech Lawyer To DC Policy Team


In an interview with Law360, technology lawyer and lobbyist Greg Louer spoke about the challenges behind establishing broadband internet connections in rural communities, noting that those barriers include financial and legislative hurdles that have been confronted for years. According to Mr. Louer, "Those restrictions were in part why broadband infrastructure investment was carved out in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act."

Mr. Louer told the publication, "Those funds not only helped fund last-mile connectivity, the connection between an internet service provider and a specific location, but middle-mile connection — broadband infrastructure that doesn't connect directly to individual properties but provides a space for that connection."

"So, when you look at the overall sum — $65 billion — $42 and a half billion was provided for the deed program, which is primarily last-mile working connections but not necessarily limited to that," said Mr. Louer. "The commitment was made from Congress to try and bridge the gap in hard to reach, unserved and underserved areas."

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