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April 3, 2023

Biden Has Only Difficult Options for Dealing With Migration


Immigration attorney Leon Fresco was quoted in an NPR article about the challenges faced by President Joe Biden in dealing with the influx of migrants at the southern U.S. border, with the end of the Trump-era policy that allows the government to turn away asylum seekers. The policy, known as Title 42, authorizes border agents to turn away migrants without going through the normal legal process. The Biden Administration is expected to face significant challenges in dealing with migrant families at the border when Title 42 lifts. Among the ideas the administration is considering is detaining migrant families who cross into the U.S. without permission, a reversal from late 2021 when Biden stopped holding families in detention facilities. However, such a move would face court challenges and other opposition. Mr. Fresco mentioned how the family detention won't work if the Biden Administration tries to employ the practice the way the Obama Administration did.

"The only way to survive a court challenge is if they can get the cooperation of the state of Texas to issue licenses," he said.

READ: Biden Has Only Difficult Options for Dealing With Migration

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