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June 8, 2023

Florida Legal Awards 'On The Rise' 2023 Honorees

Daily Business Review

Litigation attorney Cary Aronovitz was recently interviewed by the Daily Business Review for his recent recognition by the publication's annual Florida Legal Awards "On The Rise" award. During his interview, Mr. Aronovitz got a chance to speak about the proudest moment in his career as well as his biggest hurdle. 

"Proudest career moment was the first time I announced in court, 'Cary Aronovitz, on behalf of the United States.' It was a culmination of years of hard work and fulfilled my dream to serve the community,” he said. "Biggest hurdle was making charging decisions at the U.S. Attorney’s Office with lifelong ramifications for victims, defendants, family members, and many sleepless nights hoping I was making the right decisions."

Mr. Aronovitz also went on to speak about work-life balance.

"My wife’s also a lawyer, and we’re blessed with two young children we love with all of our hearts. We’re juggling and doing our best as lawyers, parents, and friends," he said. "While the pandemic helped in allowing more flexibility, it’s hard-working after tucking the kids into bed. But it’s an easy compromise for the ability to be active with my kids."

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