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April 17, 2024

NTSB Investigations in the Spotlight with Dali Bridge Collision

Seatrade Maritime News

Transportation & Infrastructure attorney Benjamin Allen was featured in a Seatrade Maritime News article about the ongoing investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) into the collision of the containership Dali with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Drawing on his previous experience as the senior Assistant General Counsel for the NTSB, Mr. Allen provided insights into the agency's comprehensive investigation process, including the typical timelines, evidence gathering through the "party system" involving manufacturers and the meticulous analysis to determine causality by NTSB experts. He also discussed liability considerations, explaining that under the Limitation of Liability Act, owners/managers could be assigned fault beyond the $43.7 million limitation if there was "privity of knowledge" in potentially assigning greater fault and financial responsibility.

"The NTSB looks at why did something happen. As they move deeper, they will begin to eliminate causes," he explained, adding that the party system approach "keeps everybody honest…if one party sees that another is pointing blame at it, that party can turn around and challenge the other one."

READ: NTSB Investigations in the Spotlight with Dali Bridge Collision

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