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March 19, 2007

Former Florida Governor Bob Martinez Honored in Tallahassee with Building Dedication

Governor Martinez is well known throughout the state for his many initiatives aimed at preserving Florida's natural environment.

TALLAHASSEE – Holland & Knight LLP is proud to announce that the Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) offices and laboratory in Tallahassee was formally designated as the Bob Martinez Center in a ceremony this afternoon. Senate Bill 0162 , passed last year by the Florida Legislature, renames the building located at 2600 Blair Stone Road after former Florida Governor Bob Martinez, whose environmental initiatives continue to benefit those visiting and living in Florida today.

Governor Martinez has a long and distinguished career in public service that spans more than 40 years. He was governor of the state of Florida from 1987-1991, he served in President George H. W. Bush's cabinet as the nation’s Drug Czar from 1991-1993, was mayor of the city of Tampa from 1979-1986, and vice chair of the Southwest Florida Water Management District from 1975-1979. Governor Martinez's environmental legacy, such as Preservation 2000, has had a lasting effect on preserving Florida for many generations to come. Governor Martinez currently is a senior policy advisor for Holland & Knight, and maintains offices in Tampa, Tallahassee and Washington, D.C.

“I am honored to recognize Governor Martinez for his continued leadership and service to our state,” said Governor Charlie Crist. “Florida citizens in all walks of life continue to benefit from the Governor’s wide-ranging accomplishments, from environmental protection, to drug control and public education.”

Governor Martinez’s environmental accomplishments include:

  • Promoted and signed the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act in 1987 to restore lakes, rivers and estuaries across the state to better protect public health and revitalize communities.
  • Reinforced protection of America’s Everglades, particularly the restoration of Everglades National Park and the Kissimmee River.
  • Proposed and signed the Solid Waste Management Act in 1988, a $37.2 million comprehensive solid waste management program.
  • Protected Florida’s coastline from new natural gas and oil leasing activities and exploration.
  • Proposed and signed legislation establishing Preservation 2000 (P2000) in 1990, a $3 billion environmental land acquisition program and predecessor to the current Florida Forever program.

"It's a great honor to be associated with these fine facilities on Blair Stone Road. Florida's natural beauty has and always will be important to me, and I am proud to share my name with the Department of Environmental Protection," Governor Martinez said about the building dedication.

Holland & Knight has an experienced environmental practice covering a variety of issues including litigation, advocacy, transaction and natural resources. The firm has played a role in shaping environmental legislation such as Superfund reauthorization, Water Resources Development Act reauthorization, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Holland & Knight attorneys have represented coastal communities, local governments and property owners on a wide range of issues related to coastal protection and management, and private and public land, including project approvals, beach nourishment, species protection, land use and sensitive area restrictions.

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