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May 27, 2016

Holland & Knight Ranked Among Nation's Top Law Firms by Chambers USA Guide

154 Holland & Knight Attorneys Named America's Leading Lawyers

MIAMI (May 27, 2016) – Holland & Knight has been named one of the nation's premier law firms, earning top rankings in multiple practice areas and markets in 2016 from Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business. The directory lists 154 Holland & Knight attorneys among the nation's preeminent practitioners.

Nationally, the firm ranked No. 1 in the following category:

  • Transportation – Aviation: Finance

Other national categories in which Holland & Knight ranked highly include: construction, environment, food and beverages (alcohol), government contracts, government relations, leisure and hospitality, Native American law, real estate, retail, transportation (aviation regulatory and litigation; shipping finance and litigation; road – carriage/commercial), and wealth management.

The firm also earned No. 1 rankings in state practices in the following categories:

  • California – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
  • Florida – Corporate/M&A and Private Equity
  • Florida – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
  • Florida – Tax
  • Illinois – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
  • Northern Virginia – Corporate/M&A
  • Washington, D.C. – Real Estate

Chambers USA is designed to reflect market opinion through a year's worth of client and lawyer surveys. It is one in a series of Chambers & Partners independent, objective and research-based guides to the legal profession around the world. The attributes assessed include technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, commitment and other qualities most valued by clients.

The following Holland & Knight lawyers are named in the 2016 Chambers USA guide:


Philip Baker-Shenk – Native American Law
Fred Bass – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
David Black – Government: Government Contracts
Gregory Brown – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
William Byrne – Transportation: Rail (for Railroads); Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial)
Randal Robert Craft – Transportation: Aviation: Litigation
Maria Currier – Healthcare: Transactional
John Dadakis – Wealth Management: Eastern Region
Blythe Daly – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York) *Associate to Watch*
Phillip Durham – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
Walter Featherly – Native American Law
Michael Frevola – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York)
Richard Gold – Government: Government Relations
Joseph Guay – Leisure & Hospitality
Lawrence Hamilton – Transportation: Road (Carriage/Commercial)
Nancy Hengen – Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance
James Hohenstein – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York)
William Honan – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York)
Chester Hooper – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (outside New York)
Christopher Kelly – Transportation: Aviation: Litigation
Edward Koren – Wealth Management: Eastern Region
Nathan Leavitt – Transportation: Aviation: Finance *Up & Coming*
Jerome Levine – Native American Law
James Meggesto – Native American Law
Anita Mosner – Transportation: Aviation: Regulatory
Judith Nemsick – Transportation: Aviation: Litigation
Michael Newman – Food & Beverages: Alcohol
Kathleen Nilles – Native American Law
Christopher Nolan – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York) *Up & Coming*
William Piels – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
James Power – Transportation: Shipping: Litigation (New York)
John Pritchard – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
Richard Raysman – Outsourcing 
Alan Reitzfeld – Transportation: Aviation: Litigation
Bruce Ross – Wealth Management: Litigation Specialists
David Scott Sloan – Wealth Management: Eastern Region
Colin Smith – Product Liability & Mass Torts; Product Liability: Automobile
M.J. Spelliscy – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
Jeffrey Stern – Leisure & Hospitality
Audrey Sung – Transportation: Aviation: Finance
Jovi Tenev – Transportation: Shipping/Maritime: Finance


Douglas Serdahely – Environment, Natural Resources & Regulated Industries; Litigation: General Commercial


Susan Booth – Real Estate
Jennifer Hernandez – Environment; Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Elizabeth Lake – Environment
Tamsen Plume – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Douglas Praw – Real Estate 


Chris Cerrito – Corporate/M&A
Martin Clarke – Corporate/M&A
John Flaherty – Corporate/M&A
Thomas Freed – Corporate/M&A
Seth Milligan – Corporate/M&A *Associate to Watch*
Gloria Skigen – Corporate/M&A


Rod Anderson – Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Chester Bacheller – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
David Barkus – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Bernard Barton – Tax: State & Local
Rodney Bell – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Stacy Blank – Litigation: Appellate
Noel Boeke – Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Sanford Bohrer – Litigation: General Commercial
Christopher Boyett – Tax: Estate Planning
Christopher Brockman – Real Estate
Ted Brown – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Michael Candes – Construction *Up & Coming*
Maria Currier – Healthcare
Lawrence Curtin – Environment 
Mark Delegal – Insurance
William deMeza Jr. – Labor & Employment
Joe Dewey – Banking & Finance: Transactional
Richard Eckhard – Real Estate
James Ervin – Tax: State & Local
Keith Fendrick – Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Andres Fernandez – Banking & Finance: Regulatory
Robert Friedman – Tax: Employee Benefits
Leonard Gilbert – Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Joseph Goldstein – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Robert Grammig – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
John Halula – Real Estate
Jerome Hoffman – Antitrust
John Hogan – Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Edward Koren – Tax: Estate Planning
Latour Lafferty – Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
Juan Mayol – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Tom McAleavey – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
George Mencio Jr. – Latin American Investment
Tracy Nichols – Litigation: General Commercial
Debbie Orshefsky – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Kevin Packman – Tax: Estate Planning
Roberto Pupo – Latin American Investment
Ira Rosner – Corporate/M&A & Private Equity
Shannon Hartsfield – Healthcare
James Seay – Real Estate
Lawrence Sellers – Environment
Bill Shepherd – Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations
William Sherman – Tax 
Roger Sims – Environment
José Sirven – Banking & Finance: Transactional
Rodolfo Sorondo Jr. – Litigation: Appellate
Charles Stutts – Banking & Finance: Regulatory
Ben Subin – Construction
Joseph Varner III – Litigation: General Commercial
Edward Vogel III – Banking & Finance: Public Finance
Robert Warram – Real Estate
Andrew Weinstein – Tax
William Wilson – Litigation: General Commercial 
Barbara Yadley – Banking & Finance: Transactional
Samuel Zusmann – Bankruptcy/Restructuring


Harold Daniel Jr. – Litigation: General Commercial
Laurie Webb Daniel – Litigation: General Commercial
Mark Lange – Tax
J. Allen Maines – Litigation: General Commercial


Gregory Brown – Labor & Employment: Employee Benefits & Compensation
Steven Elrod – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Peter Friedman – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Robert Labate – Media & Entertainment: Transactional 
Elias Matsakis – Healthcare
Mark Shapiro – Labor & Employment


Robert Kaler – Litigation: General Commercial
Joshua Krumholz – Intellectual Property
Philip Lapatin – Real Estate
Shari Levitan – Tax: Estate Planning
Miriam McKendall – Labor & Employment
John Monaghan – Bankruptcy/Restructuring
Philip Notopoulos – Real Estate
David Santeusanio – Labor & Employment
David Scott Sloan – Tax: Estate Planning

New York

Frederick Braid – Labor & Employment
Kenneth Lowenstein – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Richard Raysman – Technology & Outsourcing
Frederick Rohn – Construction
Stuart Saft – Real Estate
Gary Schoenbrun – Tax
Michael Starr – Labor & Employment

North Carolina

Christopher Kupec – Banking & Finance
Timothy Ryan – Banking & Finance

Northern Virginia

Adam August – Corporate/M&A
Thomas Brownell – Construction
Michael Mannix – Corporate/M&A
Stuart Mendelsohn – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
William Mutryn – Corporate/M&A
Eric Wechselblatt – Corporate/M&A


Mark von Bergen – Corporate/M&A

Washington, D.C.

David Briggs – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Harold Bucholtz – Tax
Christopher Collins – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Amy Edwards – Environment
Norman Glasgow Jr. – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
David Kahn – Real Estate
Paul Kilmer – Intellectual Property: Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets
Whayne Quin – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
Tara Scanlon – Real Estate
Janis Schiff – Real Estate
Stephen Shapiro – Construction
Christine Shiker – Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use
David Silver – Real Estate
Andrew Stephenson – Construction
Charles Welch (Chad) Tiedemann – Real Estate

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