Tips to Remain Union-Free in a Changing Environment

July 1, 2008
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM UTC-12

Union organizing is changing. Unions are adapting new tactics and seeking to organize new industries. The proposed Employee Free Choice Act, if enacted, will change the landscape even further. Union issues affect all employers – even those that are not currently organized. In this breakfast briefing we will describe this new landscape and help you:

Discuss new union tactics, trends and legal decisions that impact organizing

Understand the impact of the National Labor Relations Act on non-unionized employers

Create effective employee relations policies to limit employees’ desire for a union

Immunize employee handbooks and policies from union challenge

Craft solicitation, non-distribution and e-mail policies that limit employees’ opportunities to use your facilities to organize

Spot and legally respond to the signs of union organizing

A Continental breakfast will be provided

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