Real Estate Joint Ventures

February 19, 2009
Gleacher Center        
Chicago, IL

Recent turmoil in the financial markets has prompted renewed interest in joint ventures as a vehicle for real estate development and investment. The union of capital and real estate expertise in a joint venture can generate large rewards and also mitigate the risks for all the partners, but it requires careful attention to a number of significant issues and the negotiation of a complex agreement.

This two-day seminar will provide a comprehensive examination of the issues that often arise in the formation and operation of real estate joint ventures and an in-depth discussion of the key economic and business terms found in joint venture agreements.

The topics in this intensive program range from key economic and business terms in joint ventures, tax considerations, legal structures, governance issues and exit strategies to real estate funds, defaults, public/private partnerships, quasi-joint ventures and securities issues of publicly traded companies This distinguished faculty includes leading real estate and tax lawyers, developers and real estate professionals.

The conference will provide a great deal of practical information and will impart a deeper understanding of the intricacies of joint ventures. This is the course every person involved in real estate joint ventures wished they had taken in school, if only it had been offered.

Bruce Loring is the program co-chair and will be providing the overview. He is also speaking on "Negotiating the Key Business Issues in the Operating Agreement". Also, Bob Labate will be speaking on "Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Exit Strategies".

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