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Holland & Knight Webinar
April 9, 2009

In this recording of a live webinar held on April 9, 2009, Holland & Knight Labor and Employment partners Todd Steenson and Phillip Schreiber discuss the increased organizing risks that exist today and that will arise if EFCA or similar labor law reform is enacted.

Specifically, we will address:

What EFCA is and how it would affect you.
Why you are at greater risk of union organizing today even if the law doesn't change.
Steps you can take to reduce union organizing risks whether or not EFCA passes, including:

Proactive steps that can be taken with nominal cost to blunt union organizing efforts before they begin.
Developing lawful employment policies that minimize exposure to union organizing activity.
Recognizing the early warning signs of organizing activity.
Training supervisors and managers to be your front line defense against union organizing.

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