Health Care Reform: What Does it Mean for Patients and the Organizations Representing Them?

Holland & Knight Webinar
June 14, 2010
Holland & Knight Webinar

The recently enacted health care reform legislation sets in motion a multitude of changes to both public and private insurance programs, expanding coverage for the uninsured and promoting improvements in quality care and prevention services. The law will be implemented through significant regulations and administrative actions, most of which will come from the Department of Health and Human Services.

This webinar is geared toward patients, consumers and those organizations representing individuals with chronic disease and other health disorders. The panel will discuss the insurance reforms currently being implemented and what is in store for 2014 when the majority of changes will take effect and the health insurance exchanges begin operation. The major expansions to the Medicaid program and the law's impact on new technologies, drugs and devices will also be discussed. Most importantly, the panel will provide you with insight and strategies on how to be heard as implementation moves forward. 

Healthcare Team Presenters:

Ellen Riker | Healthcare & Life Sciences Senior Policy Advisor

Lisa Tofil | Healthcare & Life Sciences and Public Policy & Regulation Partner

Michael Werner | Healthcare & Life Sciences and Public Policy & Regulation Partner

Randolph Fenninger | Healthcare & Life Sciences and Public Policy & Regulation Senior Policy Advisor

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