Health Reform Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Tribes

June 10, 2010
Holland & Knight Webinar

Holland & Knight will host a live webinar on healthcare reform and what it offers Indian tribes. The webinar will feature an in-depth discussion of the Health Reform Bill and its implications for Indian tribes with members of Holland & Knight's Indian Law, Tax, Public Policy & Regulation and Healthcare & Life Sciences Teams.

The new healthcare reform law will impact more than one sixth of the national economy. Every organizational and economic sector will be affected, including Indian tribal governments and enterprises. Tribal governments are not only healthcare providers with a unique relationship to federal health programs - tribes and tribal entities are also employers responsible for employee health benefits. The new law offers significant opportunities for Indian tribes to enhance and expand their health delivery systems, if they structure themselves to take advantage of it. The new law also imposes new requirements on tribal employers.

Holland & Knight attorneys will describe the major changes in this healthcare reform law and the potential impact on, and opportunities for, a tribal organization. Focus will be on the Indian-specific provisions of the new law, as well as the broader reforms that affect everyone, including Indian tribes. Attorneys will describe reforms which can be implemented immediately and other opportunities for which clients should begin planning. They will identify issues that may require advocacy before the federal agencies and on Capitol Hill as the healthcare regulatory landscape is given shape.  


  • Kathleen Nilles | Healthcare & Life Sciences, Indian Law and Tax Partner
  • Philip Baker-Shenk | Indian Law Partner
  • Randolph Fenninger | Healthcare & Life Sciences Policy Advisor
  • Telly Meier | Tax Associate

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