New Trends: Social Networking, Cyber-Security and Cloud Computing

Data Privacy & Information Security Forum
June 3, 2010
The Adolphus Hotel
Dallas, TX

Computer Law and Data Privacy and Security Partner Ieuan Mahony will speak at the American Conference Institute National Advanced Forum on Litigation and Enforcement Preparedness for Data Privacy & Information Security on a panel titled, "New Trends: Social Networking, Cyber-Security, and Cloud Computing."  

Topics in Social Networking will include:

  • Privacy issues and concerns involving social networking websites
  • Ethics of discovery issues with social networking sites
  • The role of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in social networking
  • Employees in cyberspace and blogging  

Topics in Cloud Computing and Cyber-Security will include:

  • What is "cloud computing" and what impact will it have in data privacy litigation?
  • Understanding the issues revolving around privacy and cross-border data transfers in "the cloud"
  • The interplay of state, federal, and international data privacy regulations in "the cloud"
  • National safety concerns related data breaches and infrastructure protection
  • The Obama Administration's policies on individual privacy and civil liberties  

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