Media Training Essentials for PR Pros & All Brand Spokespeople

PR News Webinar
April 24, 2012

High-Stakes Communications Advisor Aimee Steel will participate in a PR News webinar titled "Media Training Essentials for PR Pros & All Brand Spokespeople."

Proper media training for an organization’s spokespeople and senior leadership is not an option or a luxury—it’s a must in a media-saturated environment where off-message comments can go viral in a matter of seconds. Ms. Steel will discuss the latest best practices in crafting and disseminating messages on camera, in print and across social media platforms.

Ms. Steel will discuss how to:

  • convince the C-suite of the importance of media training
  • craft quotable sound bites
  • map your messages
  • develop clear and concise messages
  • be a reliable source for journalists and bloggers
  • handle difficult questions from reporters
  • deliver consistent messages across all media
  • train executives and staff for any interview format, including on camera; in-person; over the phone; press conferences; and live, online interviews with bloggers
  • train yourself and senior executives in mastering nonverbal cues
  • keep relationships with journalists intact after you have been misquoted
  • respond to crises effectively

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