International Symposium for Justice & Law

Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) and US Embassy Seminar
November 11 - 14, 2012

Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), a leading center for legal studies and judicial training in Dubai and a member of the General Network for Government Communication, has announced its joint collaboration with the US Embassy in the UAE to organize the International Symposium for Justice & Law. The event will gather high-profile judges, law officers and consultants from the United States to discuss the latest policies, developments and issues related to the judicial and legislative infrastructure in the UAE.

The upcoming forum underlines the strong cooperation and strategic partnership between Dubai Judicial Institute and the US Embassy in the UAE, reaffirming their joint efforts to strengthen relations between the two countries and create an interactive channel to share their expertise and knowledge of best international practices. Middle East Co-Chair Joseph McDonough will be representing the Embassy at the US Law Week. 

A series of panel discussions on subjects of immense importance will also be featured at the event, including:

  • Indigenous Introduction: Understanding the Traditional Penal Reform System and Disputes - Juvenile Delinquency and Guerrilla Violence
  • Impact of Mental Health Courts on Criminals, Domestic Violence Court Tribunals and the Drug and Alcohol Court
  • Sentences on Automobile Accidents and Reckless Driving, Fraud and White Collar Crimes
  • Understanding the role, needs and commitments of all parties
  • Case Studies: What happens when you disregard the laws and success scale?
  • Social Media – Best practices of U.S. Legal System and Legislations
  • Policies and upcoming technical developments for government monitoring

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