Managing Bunker Claims: Practical and Legal Imperatives

Petrospot Limited - Maritime Week Americas
April 30, 2013
Doral Golf Resort & Spa
Miami, FL

Maritime Partner Mike Frevola will speak at Petrospot Limited's Maritime Week Americas in a workshop titled "Managing Bunker Claims: Practical and Legal Imperatives."

This workshop is geared towards guiding bunker buyers and sellers safely through the legal pitfalls associated with marine fuels. Mr. Frevola focuses on the most problematic areas within bunkering: contracts and the legal framework; the financial framework, from assessing credit risk, through to payment, default, ship arrest, flag arrest and other available legal action. Mr. Frevola will highlight the many things that can go wrong throughout the bunkering process and offers a range of solutions to avoid the problems in the first place or to find remedies once the damage is done.

This workshop is designed to promote discussion and debate on the key issues, with the expert presenters sharing their ideas and experiences and inviting the delegates to contribute their own.

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