34th Annual Corporate Counsel Conference: Turning Action Into Impact

National Bar Association Commercial Law Section
Webinar, CLE Available
February 23 - 25, 2021

Litigation Partners Duvol Thompson, Kwamina Williford and Doug Minor will join the "34th Annual Corporate Counsel Conference: Turning Action Into Impact" hosted by the National Bar Association Commercial Law Section.

Mr. Thompson will speak on a panel titled "Hot Topics in Litigation." From court closures to virtual depositions, the practice of litigation was certainly upended in 2020. Novel legal claims and theories, difficult questions surrounding reopening, and uncertainties at courthouses across the country marked a year of change and turmoil for litigators and their clients. This session highlights the trends starting to form the “new normal” and offers insights into best practices for the present and future of litigation.

Ms. Williford will moderate the "Welcome and General Counsel Roundtable" with the Commercial Law Section's honorary Co-Chairs. The session will discuss a plethora of topics related to their career paths, retaining outside counsel, diversity and other issues defining the role of General Counsel.

Mr. Minor will moderate a session titled "Impact on Diverse Attorneys: Pivoting Your Practice in the Wake of 2020." This panel will discuss Part II of Corporate Black Lives Matter, expanding on the General Counsel panel in this regard; more specifically, this session will explore the impact (both positive and negative) that the COVID-19 and BLM pandemics have had on their careers, including promotions and more corporate responsibility in civic engagement. The panel will also identify the manner in which 2020 provided fertile ground for intentional conversations for change in the wake of racial reckoning; and give tips on how outside counsel can improve ways to engage in business development efforts virtually.

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