Licensing Requirements and Exemptions

Passport to Proficiency on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations
February 15, 2022
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET

International Trade attorney Andrew McAllister will take part in a virtual series hosted by the American Conference Institute (ACI) to discuss the complex requirements in the international traffic in arms regulations. Mr. McAllister's presentation will take place on the third week of the program and will focus on how to prepare and secure an ITAR license, demystifying TAAs, MLAs and WDAs, and how to reduce the risk of RWAs. Specific topics include:

I. ITAR Licenses: A Deep Dive into Requirements for Securing a DSP-5, DSP-73, or DSP-61 and DSP-85

  • When a DSP-5, DSP-73, or DSP-61, DSP-85 is required: The approvals process, how to expedite the process, timeframes and how to reduce the risk of delay
  • Ensuring you get hardware and tech data included on a single license
  • Returns: Special considerations
  • Licenses in furtherance of agreements
  • Constructing an accurate scope of export in your license application
  • Drafting a license application: What to include, how to fill out the forms using DTrade2, and how to submit the application
  • When to use a letter of intent to support a license request
  • What DDTC expects beyond the written guidelines
  • Structuring and valuing license authorizations
  • Key reasons for RWA (Returns without Action) or license denials, and how to prevent them

II. ITAR Agreements: Demystifying TAAs, MLAs and WDAs

  • Overview of the different types of ITAR agreements, what is required, the timeline, and how to reduce the risk of delay
  • When and how to get TAAs, TAA Amendments, Re-Baselined TAAS and MLAs
  • When to cover foreign nationals under MLAs and TAAs
  • Degree of information expected by DDTC and DTSA in TAA scope of export and statement of work
  • What DDTC and DTSA expect beyond the written guidelines
  • Analysis of sample TAAs and MLAs

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