Understanding the Challenges Native American Taxpayers Experience in Our Tax System

American Bar Association (ABA) Virtual 2023 Fall Tax Meeting
Webinar, CLE Available
October 18, 2023
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Virtual Conference

Native American Law attorney Kenneth Parsons will participate in the American Bar Association's (ABA) Virtual Fall Tax Meeting. Mr. Parsons' presentation will take place on the third day of the event and will explore the unique challenges facing Native American taxpayers. Tribes have a distinct status within the U.S. Constitution, and that has implications for the application of both federal and state tax laws. During this session, speakers will explain the unique status of Indian tribes and their members and address specific tax issues that Native Americans encounter, as well as offer recommendations for mitigating and reducing those issues.

Tax attorneys Amish Shah and Daniel Strickland are also participating in this event.

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