August 23, 2021

U.S. Tax Considerations and Planning for Investing Abroad

Holland & Knight International Private Client Webinar Series

Business Partner Larry Kemm hosted the seventh session in our International Private Client Webinar Series. Mr. Kemm examined tax considerations confronting the U.S. investor who transfers or acquires investment assets abroad. In an era of increasing globalization, many investors look toward international investments to achieve various goals, including diversification or mitigation of currency and geopolitical risks, access to alternative investments and asset protection. Investing in assets outside the U.S. raises a number of different tax considerations for both passive portfolio investments as well as active business investments, and understanding the complex international rules that come into play for cross-border investments is critical to managing tax liabilities and compliance risk. Mr. Kemm's discussion focused primarily on passive portfolio investments and passive minority interests in the business context.

Duration 58:12

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