May 7, 2024

Berkeley Unified Superintendent Set to Testify Before U.S. House Education Panel

KQED News Morning Edition

Litigation attorney Dan Small was interviewed in a recent segment on KQED Morning Edition about a hearing on antisemitism in K-12 schools called by the House Education and the Workforce Committee. The superintendent of Berkeley Unified School District will testify before the committee after a federal complaint alleging antisemitism was filed against the district. Mr. Small, who has experience in witness preparation for Congressional hearings, explained that while there isn't much to be gained by participating in a Congressional hearing, it's more detrimental to resist involvement. He said the hearings are an unnatural environment, and advised witnesses to slow down, don't answer questions they don't understand and deliver small pieces of information to avoid a back-and-forth exchange.

Duration: 7:10 (Interview begins at 5:08)

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