May 23, 2005

Florida Adopts "Global" RBCA Cleanup Rule

Holland & Knight Newsletter
Lawrence E. Sellers | Stacy Watson May
On February 3, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved a host of rule amendments designed to implement legislation enacted in 2003 to extend risk-based corrective action (RBCA) principles to the cleanup of all contaminated sites. The rule amendments also establish and update cleanup target levels (CTLs) for soil and groundwater. In particular, the rule amendments update the CTLs for arsenic based on a bioavailability study, relaxing the soil cleanup target levels to 2.1 µg/kg for residential land uses and to 12 µg/kg for commercial/industrial land use. The rule amendments also require persons responsible for site rehabilitation to provide notice of off-site contamination (see separate story). Most of the rule amendments became effective on April 17.

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