April 7, 2009

Four Takeaways from the Microsoft-TomTom Settlement

Mass High Tech
Jeffrey R. Seul
Intellectual Property Partner Jeff Seul published an article titled, "Four Takeaways from the Microsoft-TomTom Settlement." He illustrates the settlement between Microsoft and TomTom car navigation devices to exhibit the conflict that can arise from open source software (OSS) and software patents. He presents four takeaways that he suggests are indicative of the transient nature of the tech industry and how OSS fits in:

1) Open source software is not an IP-free zone.
2) IP lawsuits, including suits involving OSS, are just business as usual.
3) Settlements of lawsuits involving OSS can and do occur.
4) Settlements are good for IT consumers, the people who matter most.

Mr. Seul concludes that agreements made between software companies present opportunities for new business models and development standards within the structure of IP rights.

To view the full article, please click on the link below.

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