March 1, 2016

Anita Mosner on the Key Takeaways of the 2016 IATA Legal Symposium

Holland & Knight Aviation Law Blog
Anita M. Mosner
Aviation Partner Anita Mosner was featured in an International Air Transport Association (IATA) video that shared her views about the 2016 IATA Legal Symposium in Barcelona, Spain. Ms. Mosner served as moderator of a Feb. 18 panel discussion titled "Trial (And Summary Judgement …?) by Social Media: 'If We Saw It on Twitter, Then It Must Be True.' " The panel, comprised of lawyers, crisis managers and PR professionals, examined the risk management issues that arise in a rapid-fire environment. Two key takeaways from the session, Ms. Mosner said, were to "make sure that communications are done on an integrated basis," involving a company's commercial, legal and PR teams, and that airlines "need to respond to emerging crises in real time – they don't have the luxury to step back" lest the story unfold without them.

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