October 25, 2016

Anesthesiologists and the Enforcement of Non-Competes: Is Reform on the Way?

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Ashleigh VanLandingham

Non-competes are generally disfavored as a matter of law and public policy, and a recent White House report advocates non-compete reform at the state and federal level. The report acknowledged, however, that for physicians, it is plausible that there may be “legitimate business interests” that hospitals and service providers seek to protect. At the same time, many states have recently proposed or implemented legislation limiting the enforceability of non-competes, including some limitations specific to physicians and other healthcare providers.

A detailed discussion of the changing landscape for physician non-competes is available in our Anesthesia Communique article.

Thank you to Taylor Wilkins, Belmont University College of Law, for his help in preparing the Communique article.

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