May 18, 2018

Trade Association Dues: Calculating the Deduction Post-TCJA

Andy Emerson

Public Policy & Regulation attorney Andrew Emerson authored an article for Law360 about a minor provision contained in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that may have a big impact on associations that lobby local and tribal governments. Trade associations should ensure that their annual estimates of their lobbying expenses fully account for all of their work related to the passage of legislation at the federal, state and — now — local level. In the article, Mr. Emerson explains why local lobbying activity is no longer a deductible business expense and why trade associations may need to revise the estimated non-deductible lobbying activity percentage of dues provided to members. The article ends with Mr. Emerson detailing the next steps organizations should consider when conducting an annual review.

READ: Trade Association Dues: Calculating the Deduction Post-TCJA (subscription required)


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