Winter 2018

Table 16 is Now a Temporary Office

Considerations for Transforming Your Bar or Restaurant into a Temporary Coworking Space
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Magazine
Herman R. Lipkis

Associate Herman Lipkis wrote an article for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Magazine on bars and restaurants becoming pop-up coworking spaces during the day. Mr. Lipkis discusses the new commercial real estate trend that has been emerging as owners of restaurants, bars and lounges have decided to transform their spaces for passive income during the day when the spaces were underused.

Mr. Lipkis encourages owners to perform their due diligence and review coworking operators' experience and reputation by checking for complaints filed against the coworking company before agreeing to let the company operate inside their businesses. Another precaution for owners leasing their bar or restaurant space would be to review their lease agreement for language that prohibits subleasing without the landlord's written consent. As the rise of the gig economy increases, coworking spaces will continue to be needed, but business owners should perform their due diligence and carefully draft an agreement that ensures a successful and profitable relationship for years with the coworking operator.

READ: Table 16 is Now a Temporary Office

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